Avalon Hills Rules

Banning is the sole discretion of moderators. Griefing, stealing and trespassing is a first time ban-able offense. All other instances will be dealt with on a case by case basis


#1 No Griefing, Stealing nor Trespassing 
• Any appearance of maliciousness is a ban-able offense.
• This includes entering or interacting with other player's areas, including chests. Also, inciting mob damage can be construed as griefing.
• Do not attack other players without permission unless yourself, your property or someone else's property. (Please grab screenshots)
• PVP is allowed but only if both parties give consent

#2 Members Only
• Only players on the Facebook pinned post will have access to the realm. 
• Sharing access with a friend via your gamertag is not allowed
• Split screen must

#3 Don't cause lag
• Use common sense.
• No continuous clocks
• Ask permission for flying machines

#4 No Duplication
• This is a survival world. Don’t dupe. 
• The mods may make other necessary exceptions that benefit the worl

#5 Public Spawn Zone and Shopping District Policy
• Due to the importance of the world initial spawn to the server and new players, the area around Spawn is under full discretion of the mods. Your builds are welcome, just run it by a mod first.
• Within 200 blocks, or within eyesight of Spawn, mods may change or remove builds at discretion. If you don’t agree to this for your build, don’t build in this zone.
• Specifically, no simple box builds, tree-houses, high-flying builds at Spawn unless approved by the mods.
• Do not make new entrances to underground here from the surface without approval, you may mine/tunnel from the public mine, but all tunnels made here are public.
• Shopping District is at the discretion of the mods. Mods will not intervene in your shop but we will maintain no one else builds a similar shop nor interferes with your products.

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